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1/2/06 - Have yourself an obligerant New Year. We will be playing March 2nd at the Kensington Club. If you missed the Zombie Lounge show then you missed Adolph's debut on the tuba, and if you missed that and the Voltaire show over the summer you haven't even witnessed the new four-piece obligerance, so mark your calendar.

8/23/05 - Much obligerance to everyone who packed Voltaire for the Nobligerant show. Even more obligerance to all the people who have been emailing us about cds and shirts. Your emails  will be responded to promptly - as soon as we get to all of them.

8/12/05 - Special "acoustic" Obligerant (Nobligerant) show Friday August 19th at the Volatire Collective (4862 Voltaire St. in Ocean Beach). We will have special accompaniment by Jonathan on accordion and will be playing with Full Moon Partisans from San Francisco. Come and check it out you don't want to miss this.

7/26/05 - We're back. Obligerant will be playing Scolari's Office (3936 30th St.) on Thursday August 4th with Hockey Night, a band from Minnesota on Lookout, and probably another band. Show starts at 10:00 P.M. and is free and 21 and up. It's our first show in almost four months and it should be a doozie. See you there.

6/8/05 - Sorry the page hasn't been updated for a while. You should really check out the Myspace page for more frequent updates. It currently has four songs, three of which aren't on this site. It's been about two months since we played a show, and we probably won't be playing another one until August or something, but that doesn't mean we're slacking. We are starting to work on some new songs and trying to figure out the right way to record them and a way to remain productive as a band while Frank Lee is doing community service for the next month and a half. We also have discussed a possible split 7 inch with one of our favorite San Diego bands Fkenal, but have yet to fully realize the logistics. Don't worry, Obligerant will be back and better than ever by the end of the summer and you will thank us for taking our time.


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