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Obligerant - The Compound
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You want some old-school Oblij you say? Well check it! SIX (yes SIX!!!!!!) Obligerant rarites freshly added: "Do It (A Duet)" and "Watt Shmi" from the out-of -print "Obligerant Live" cd and "Stinkin' Shmo," "Obliga-What," "Nukes & Concentration Camps," and "AAAAHHHH!" from the historic first cd "[Songs About Not Liking Stuff (A Little Off): The Box Set (A Complete History)] So Far [...(?)] / The Self-Titled Debut" which is also out-of-print and has to be the most convoluted album title ever. Don't forget you can still watch the "Daddy's Drunk Again" video by clicking the link at the bottom of this page..

Do It (A Duet)

Stinkin' Shmo

Watt Shmi


Nukes & Concentration Camps


Daddy's Drunk Again Video

Obligerant performing live