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Obligerant - The Compound
The Past

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In December of 2001 childhood friends Frank Lee O'Bligerant and Herb Ubiz, in light of the current global climate  decided to put aside old differences and rekindle a friendship which had been torn apart after years of hard feelings and seemingly irreconcilable differences. Frank Lee and Herb felt that their petty squabbles were nothing compared to the troubles others were facing and joined their considerable talents in the name of rock.  The result was a whirlwind of writing and recording which resulted in the fabled "Songs About Not Liking Stuff..." The album quickly started receiving strong airplay at some of the more enlightened college radio stations and served as a band-aid for the fractured psyches of many of those fortunate enough to get their hands on a copy.
As the rabid fan base (now known as the Obligerati) grew, Herb and Frank Lee began to realize the importance of their mission. Never ones to rest on their laurels Frank Lee and Herb decided to re-enter the studio at their base (The Compound) to work on new songs in the summer of 2002. This time the duo enlisted the help of mutual friend Phil Pujols on drums and the group became a trio. The studio work turned out "Obligerant Live" which showed the band growing and unafraid to experiment with new methods of songwriting. The second album also quickly ran out of copies and as Obligerant began to set up shows they realized they would need to have cds ready to sell and hand out. After much brainstorming, they combined the first two cds into a sort of greatest hits disc which came to be known as "Songs About Not Liking Stuff (Re-release)."
Obligerant continued to play shows and parties spreading the powertronic joy and obligerance to all who would listen. One such party was recorded by their new manager Adny Valentino and the much-storied "Obligerant Bootleg" was born in early 2003. With permission from the band copies began to surface throughout the Southern California area and just as quickly were snatched up by the Obligerati. Never one to forget old friends, Obligerant headed back to the Compound with friends Petty Rhyme and select Obligerati to re-record some of their old songs acoustically and to nod their heads to the hip hop of Petty Rhyme. These recordings were then released as "Obligerant + Petty Rhyme = Crazy Stupidness." Realizing that there was a great demand for these two cds, the band released them together in limited release as "Oblij."
During the summer of 2003, Obligerant suffered a terrible loss which most bands would have been unable to survive. Drummer Phil Pujols perished in a tragic barnyard accident and Herb and Frank Lee were floored. The dejected duo wondered whether to even continue without their longtime friend. Then one night in August of 2003 while playing Monkeyball and drinking forties Frank Lee and Herb were given a vision of the late great Phil Pujols who told them that he and everyone else in rock and roll heaven wanted Obligerant to continue on their mission which was far greater than even the surviving band members knew.
Knowing they couldn't let their departed friend and the rabid Obligerati down, Herb and Frank Lee signed on another old friend Justin Sertit to take over Phil's job on the skins. After a month of practice, Justin proved a quick learner and the trio headed to Yellow Dart studios in September 2003 to record their triumphant return "Sweating, Drooling, and Bleeding from the Head." The band continued to play shows and support their album through the remainder of the year and as 2004 broke, the band now stronger and more dedicated than ever stood poised to take the world by storm.
In spring of 2004, the trio entered what was for them uncharted territory and recorded a music video for "Daddy's Drunk Again" with the expert help of some friends. Though it was virtually ignored by all mainstream and indie media, the video became a huge cult hit and has become adored by all Obligerati.  
Summer 2004 was the Summer of the Obligerati. Not only did the band continue writing soon-to-be classics, but they made more appearances than you can shake a stick at, and Frank and Herb teamed up with longtime friend Juana Fanta to form Juana Fanta and the Glarning which, though it was a short term partnership, managed to produce a few bonafide gems of songwriting. In June of 2004, Obligerant embarked on their first world tour which began with a couple of hometown shows in San Diego before the entire West Coast was obligerated from San Diego through Vancouver. By August the band had returned home and took a brief hiatus before getting back to work.
2005 has seen the band play numerous shows to growing crowds in Southern California an also venture into uncharted territory, playing a few toned-down sets as a four-piece with acoustic guitars and accordion. Keep your eye out for those rare Nobligerant shows which, like all Obligerant shows, are not to be missed. Check back here or at Obligerant's myspace page.
Obligerant is currently busy working on a new album and lining up shows in San Diego. While the recording and songwriting has been very hush hush there are a few scattered details about possible song titles such as "My : Come Hungry," "Jenny's in Porn," and "P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act." Keep an eye out here for more details or check out the band live to hear some of the new songs before they're available on cd or mp3.